New Nest Hub looks like original

Report says, the Nest Hub smart display will include more features.

In starting 2021 was reported that Google is working on Nest Hub with Soli radar that will be used for Sleep tracking, and now its almost confirmed that some other things would be including to this Smart Display like sleep tracking, design, and other hardware details.

Its first smart display during the October 2018 announcement, Google stated that Hub’s design takes countless hours. Following May 2019, it announced a greater MAX version with a floating display design.

  In the Nest Hub family, reports reveal that Google is keeping a similar design language for its third product with an angled display attached to an oblong, fabric-covered base. Just like previously, Google is only tweaking the available colors — black, Gray, and sand/pink remain, however light blue will join it, replacing the original Hub’s Aqua and would be likely to the Nest Audio’s Sky.

This decision to keep up the plan design generations was most seen by the Home Mini to Nest Mini upgrade. Similar to that emphasis, the new Nest Hub will feature enhanced sound quality far-field microphones that coordinate the Audio and Mini.

The significant change is obviously the Soli radar’s presence. Similar to 2019’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, there will be gesture control on the new Nest Hub. The smartphones let you swipe to skip/jump tracks for better hands-free usage, while an air tap would play/pause.

Currently, Fit can be accessed on Android, iOS, and Wear OS. It tracks your exercise and steps while additionally having the option to log blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and different measurements from compatible gadgets. There is a sense for the new Nest Hub to integrate with Google’s existing service.  

Obviously, it will essentially be used for sleep tracking, where we think this feature will connect to Google Fit. Since this current year’s starting, Google has been getting ready to show “Proactive health & fitness results” on Smart Displays on the Assistant front. the new Nest Hub will probably announce sooner than later with similar pricing as the current one.

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