EA cancels Anthem’s big revamp

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The game will still keep running.

EA tries to focus on the game’s longer-term redesign by putting a pin in expansions and short-term updates. Recently, EA announced that its planned revamp would be canceling where Anthem was about to be Anthem Next. However, as it existed, the company intends to keep Anthem’s live service running.

In a recent blog post, BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey said that in the spirit of closure and transparency, they wished to share that they’ve taken the troublesome decision to stop their new advancement work on Anthem, or you can say Anthem NEXT. Completing the statement, he added that they would, however, follow to keeping the Anthem live service running as it exists today. So simply a potential rebirth of Anthem is apparently not getting any chance after all, where Bioware blamed the pandemic for the cancelation of Anthem revamp.

BioWare has different projects in progress, such as Dragon Age 4. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier indicated that a small team working on redesign Anthem would presently be working on the continuation of Dragon Age.

Nearly two years ago, Anthem was launched and got poor reviews, with the principal criticism originating from an absence of content, repetitive gameplay, and subpar story.

A year after its launch, BioWare stated that it was put resources into enhancing the game with seasonal updates. Though, a year ago, then head supervisor Casey Hudson said that it would stop short-term updates to reinvent the entire game. Last May, it was reported that an incubation team of around 30 people was tasked with reworking Anthem. 

It’s very normal for games to struggle or face difficulties while getting launch, but a few have made things turned around because of frequent updates, which was the situation for No Man’s Sky and Final Fantasy XIV. With the end of Anthem support, the open-world shooter of BioWare won’t get a second opportunity.

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